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*As of 15/03/23 please note that we no longer offer a home boarding service to dogs that are not currently in our daycare system which is unfortunately full at present*
Home from Home Dog Boarding is a small fully licensed and insured family run dog boarding/daycare service established in 2015
As a home boarding service, your dog will get individual care and attention. Your dog will live with us in our home along with our Springer Spaniel Brie. We have a large enclosed back garden and have access to open fields a very short walk away

Due to changes in circumstances, we will not be offering dog boarding to new customers for the foreseeable future. Day-care remains open with no available spaces for new dogs
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Dog Boarding

We can take up to four boarding dogs so that each dog can feel at home and get all the attention they deserve. Dogs can be dropped off from 8:00am and picked up as late as 8:00pm. In the evening, dogs will gain access to the rest of the house and can sleep in bedrooms if they please.

Price Per 24 Hours
£25.00 - One Dog
£44.00 - Two Dogs
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Dog day-care

We offer a day-care service for up to six dogs so that they can walk and socialise with the boarding dogs while still getting all the attention they deserve. Dogs can be dropped off from 8:00am and picked up as late as 6:00pm. Within this time, your dog will receive a morning and afternoon walk and unlimited playtime between the garden and doggy wing alongside the boarding dogs. 

Price Per Day
£18.00 Per Dog
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Please note that all first time boarders are required to give a non refundable deposit of 10% at your visit before confirming your booking
Cancellation charges apply:
50% charge within 21 days of boarding
100% charge within 7 days of boarding
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Our setup

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We have a license to care for four boarding dogs and six day-care dogs through East Renfrewshire Council. However, we tend to avoid reaching our allowance to ensure all the dogs get lots of intention.
We are also insured through Pet Business for Public Liability and Care Custody and Control.
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*All dogs must be fully vaccinated including kennel cough and neutered/spayed (males over 6 months and females over 12 months)*
23 Sunnyside Drive
G76 7PX
07929 722 483
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